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How important is a website to your business??  Marketing your website so you can ensure visitors locate and get to your website is one of the most important aspects of building and maintaining a website for your business.  One of the most commonly overlooked areas in the ongoing support of a website however is the hosting of the website.  Most businesses fall into the "low cost" trap when it comes to the hosting of their website simply due to the price tag that is affixed to the monthly service.  There are a slew of hosting options out there that provide everything from hosting to email service and online account administration tools.  You can find hosting packages that range anywhere from $4.95/month to upwards of $49.95/month and most of these providers make promises of "unlimited", "dedicated" support if your website goes down.  The truth is, none of the "low end" hosting providers are in a position to provide you "unlimited", "dedicated" support.  If the website goes done, the owner of the business is forced to spend time contacting technical support via email or leaving voice mail messages with a support staff that takes 2 - 4 business days to return their call.

How do you quantify the time and money that was lost while visitors that tried to come to the website were unable to access it via the Internet........how do you quantify the time and money that was lost while the owner of the business spent time generating and responding to emails and phone calls with the technical support staff personnel at the hosting provider........time that could have been spent focusing on the customer and their business!

G2B Solutions has partnered with one of the largest Internet hosting companies in North America in order to provide our customers with an unmatched level of service and stability when it comes to the hosting of the website.  In addition, we provide technical support for the hosting of the website and company email accounts on behalf of our customers so they can remain focused on the most important aspect of their business...... the Customer.  The business owner's responsibility for working through hosting related issues ends with a phone call, email or website submission notification to G2B Solutions.  From there, we work with the hosting provider, no matter how long it takes, to get the hosting and/or email issues resolved.

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