G2B Solutions will work with your business to begin the design of the website.  A significant amount of time is spent upfront to gain an understanding of your company and its unique identity. We work with you to identify the goals of your website, your target audience, and the information that should appear on the website.  As part of this process, we will also consult you on any suggestions or insight we may have as to how you can leverage the the website to streamline one or more of your business processes.  An evaluation of the information gathered is then used to define guidelines for the website that will be embodied in a formal written proposal.

Our staff then plans how visitors will navigate through your site and how the website will achieve the goals you have defined.  The menus, layout of the site and visual design all receive careful consideration and planning in order to optimize the visitor's experience.  The design team then incorporates all of the layout considerations  into a few different website design mockups that illustrate how the website could look when completed.  Each one will include a different visual theme consistent with your company's identity and your objectives.  Our design team will present you with the mockups and the ideas behind each of them.  If changes and/or modifications are required, we will modify the mockups until you are pleased with the design for the website.  Once you have approved the design concept, we will begin the process of building the website.

Development of the website initiates with a formal plan outlining the various stages involved in creating your website. This plan is used to help ensure timely delivery of the website and to certify that all aspects of your approved design have been delivered.  By utilizing this type of approach, we are able to establish exactly what tasks need to be completed by breaking the steps into smaller parts. This helps ensure that no aspect of your approved design is overlooked and keeps the project's development moving forward in an methodical fashion.

Based upon your project's goals and specific business needs, our quality assurance team outlines key areas of focus that require special attention while testing the website and defines quality assurance criteria.  By utilizing a rigorous QA process, we help to ensure that the final product is delivered  successfully, on time and functions as requested. In addition to the guidelines defined for your project, our staff uses systems to keep track of defects so that we can organize issues related to your project and ensure that nothing is missed. This rigorous quality assurance process helps to ensure that the website G2B Solutions delivers to you meet or exceed your expectations.